Since 1980
we have been producing and selling
leathers for the industry and upholsterers

Our products

Real Leather

Real Leather

Its elegance and comfort makes it suitable and perfect for any type of high quality furniture. Our leather is always the result of research at the highest level, enabling us to suplly any type of finishing or dye, always respecting nature and the environment.

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Interior design

Interior design

Supply for large industries

Auto d'epoca

Vintage car

Our products to embellish vintage car

Trasporto navale

Naval transport

Coatings for naval furnishings



Section dedicated to upholsterers for the restoration of armchairs, beds, etc



Coatings for residences, hotels, resort and public entities

Settore ufficio


Coatings for offices and commercial areas

Maximum care for our leather!

We can provide quantity of material concerning your demands and custom for your applications.

Less wastage | More efficiency

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Why choose Effeti Gest

Effeti Gest was born in 1980 with some clear values that Cesaro Family wanted to transmit to make their marketing and their products different on the market.

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